Developer/Editor: CORE DESIGN / Eidos

Platforms: PC / PS1 / Dreamcast

Release Date: November 24, 1998

Genere: Action, Adventure

Official Website: www.tombraider.com

A meteorite thousands of years ago fell on the ground, causing the extinction of various animals on the island; extraterrestrial origin of the meteorite was sculpted by the indigenous people of the place and created as a temple, the meteorite had some stones with powers, which were carved giving forms; these artifacts, found many years later by the sailors of Darwin, were distributed by several continents, sold to the highest bidder because of the strange events unfolding around the owner, everyone was dying; Lara Croft is hired to recover artifacts 4 , One in India, another in the South Pacific, following the complex in Nevada and another in London, once collected Lara realizes that Willard (the person making the contract) does not have very good intentions, and we all arrebata artifacts to place in a cave in Antarctica, which would give him immense powers, Lara should go after him and recover the artifacts.

Key Features

- Improved climate change, different brightness, as well as improving the effect on water as when it splashes in the water.

- It is the first TR, which is dubbed into Spanish.

- They Included dinosaurs.

- It can destroy a wall with a rocket launcher.

- There are four levels early in a jungle in India, then you can choose three zones, visited in the order you want, each in turn also consists of four levels, where: South Pacific, the desert of Nevada and London. Once passed, all these levels, it unlocks a new location, Antarctica.

- Using different vehicles, as a quad, a canoe or a trolley of a mine.

- Animals like piranhas that when you're in the water you are subtracting life.

- Emergence of quicksand.

- Great improvement of the explosions and fire.

- Croft Manor as training.

- At levels of Antarctica, when you're in the icy waters, Lara begins to freeze, if the bar reduces body temperature of all, begin decreasing since then his life.

- For the first time in a TR we can use the sprint.

- Improved details and environments as the majestic cliffs of Nevada and army planes flying over our heads.

- New weapons such as rocket launches novel.

- The dress Lara changes in each area of the game.

- Traps and stones that roll towards us.